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The cold, hard FAQs

What's this all about?

Most of the current ways for developers to find jobs, and for jobs to find developers suck.

Developers, don't have time to go looking for jobs, and if they already have a job, it can be risky or impossible to actually put your name out there and let people know that you're looking to move.

Companies, Spend a lot of time and money shopping for good developers. There are dozens and dozens of sites to post job ads and they need to pay people to comb through places like LinkedIn just in the hope of finding a lead.

The entire system is wildly inefficient for both developers and companies.

JumpShip aims to be something new. Something more efficient. Something better.

Is my developer profile actually anonymous?  

Yep! 100%.

When you create a profile at JumpShip, no one has any idea that it's you. If a company looks at your profile and likes what they see they can request a Connection with you.

You will be notified of this connection request and you will need to approve it before the company is able to see your email.

If by some miracle, your current employer makes a Connection Request, you can simply decline it.

What happens after I approve a connection request?

After you approve a connection request, your email address is made visible to the company who made the request. What happens next is up to you.

The company will likely reach out to you over email and you can continue the conversation and potentially set up a technical review or interview.

What does "jump ship" mean?

For non-native English speakers, or anyone else unfamiliar with the term, the concept is simple. Straight from the internet's encyclopedia,  Urban Dictionary, to "jump ship" means to:

  "Leave an organization, group, company/institution, movement, proposal, or idea."

For our purposes, to jump ship means to leave your current job for one that pays more or has better benefits.

Why not go with a pirate theme?

Trust us. We thought long and harrrd about going with a Pirate theme for a site called "JumpShip".