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JumpShip is for:

Frontend developers like you

At JumpShip, you create an anonymous profile and companies come to you. This isn't LinkedIn, it's not another job board. It's something brand new.

The market today is  red hot. If you're not at least casually looking at opportunites, you're probably leaving a lot of money on the table.

Compare your salary to your peer's. 100% anonymously.

Create an anonymous profile


We treat jobs like marriages

But jobs aren't marriages.

You shouldn't constantly shop for a new spouse, but you should always be open to a new job.

Let your new    job come to you

Here's 3 reasons why you should try JumpShip:

Save time

Looking for jobs is extremely time consuming.

JumpShip can make the process almost effortless. When you get to an interview, the company knows what you can do, what salary you expect, when you can start, what region of the world you live in. A JumpShip profile is a huge headstart.

Think of JumpShip as a several-hour headstart in that process.


At JumpShip, your profile is completely anonymous.

How can you even put the word out there that you're interested in a new job while you're still at your old one?

Unless you want to have an awkward conversation with your manager, it's not like you can tweet that you're looking for your next great opportunity.

With JumpShip, you can hunt for new opportunities without lifting a finger, or worrying your current employer is going to find out.

Any company is free to reach out to you (100% anonymously!), but you're under no obligation to do any more than hit theDeclinebutton.

Here's what that looks like:



At JumpShip transparency works in your favor in several ways.

Sure you can look up salaries on Glassdoor, but that doesn't give you much to go on. JumpShip gives you fine-grained access to the details.

How do you compare to your peers?

  • Find people with skills that match yours.
  • See how much peers get paid at each skill level.
  • See salary by country or region.
  • Find out if you're underpaid for the skills you have.

Get a head-start from the start:

  • Salary conversations can be super-uncomfortable.
  • Before you even apply, they'll know all about your skills.
  • Interviews can be uncomfortable. Your skills can speak for themselves.

Frontend focused

JumpShip is the place for frontend jobs. It's not a place for everyone. It's a place for frontenders like you. We know frontend hiring.

We've done dozens of technical assessments and interviews. We know what the frontend market looks like.

Get started today

There's no pushy sales agents, no representatives. There's no tests, quizzes or skills-assessments. There's no AI robots combing over your Github profile.

There's just you and your anonymous profile.

Create an anonymous profile

Creating a profile should take you less than 10 minutes.
When you're done, you'll be able to compare your salary to dozens of other frontenders.