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Career and job-hunting advice for frontenders at all stages of their careers.
Sharing some of what we know after reviewing dozens of frontend job applications.


Skip the fundamentals, for now

Everyone tells you that you should learn the fundamentals before you jump into frameworks like React and Vue. We say skip the fundamentals for now. There's something far more important when you're starting out: motivation.

6 min read


Getting around NDAs

Most of the work you do for companies and clients will be under NDA (non-disclosure agreement). But that doesn't mean you have nothing to talk about in your job applications. Let's look at all the stuff you can talk about.

4 min read


Your job application is missing two key things

Applying for jobs is universally awful. No one likes to do it. It's time-consuming, draining, soul-depleting work. Despite the hard work, most developers leave off the two most important parts.

10 min read