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In less than 5 minutes, you'll source more candidates than you could before in days.

JumpShip is a new kind of marketplace for  frontend  developers.

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Powerful search filters

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Filter by skills, experience, country/region, start date, seniority, and more.

Need an animations wizard who knows React and can also jump into your Rails stack? They're here. She lives in the US and can start in 2 weeks.

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Here's 3 ways JumpShip will benefit your organization:

Lower hiring cost

JumpShip is free for developers, and costs just  $49/mo with a flat fee of  $1,000 when you hire someone. Easy peasy.

Let's do some math.

Traditional recruiting agencies charge  15-25+%  of annual salary for a candidate they refer to you.

Here's the math for a developer you just signed making $85,000 / year:

Traditional approach:

Developers salary:$85,000

Recruiter's referral fee (15%):$12,750


The JumpShip approach:

Developers salary:$85,000

JumpShip flat fee / hire:$1,000

JumpShip $49 / mo:$49


JumpShip just saved you  $11,701  for just one hire.

What about a candidate at $125,000 and a 25% referral fee?  

Traditional approach:

Developers salary:$125,000

Recruiter's referral fee (25%):$32,250


The JumpShip approach:

Developers salary:$125,000

JumpShip flat fee / hire:$1,000

JumpShip $49 / mo$49


Here, JumpShip just saved you  $30,201  for just this one hire.

Plain and simple: JumpShip will save you money from day one.

Save you time

Don't use referral-based recruiting agences?  

Do everything in-house? Then you or your recruiting team still spends an awful lot of time sourcing candidates. JumpShip can help you source more candidates in  just 5 minutes  than it would take your recruiting team a week.

Time is money, and JumpShip will save you a lot of both.

Two quick examples:

Here's a couple of React experts. These are real profiles of real developers — go ahead and click their  IDs and view their profiles:

ID:  JumpShip #$80,000
ID:  JumpShip #$40,000

Think about how long it would take you to find just these two people. Now I think about how long it would take you to assess all of these different skills after you have found them.

Time is money, and JumpShip will save you lots of both.

Increase diversity

If you're like most other companies in the world hiring developers, there's a good chance you've got a diversity problem.

JumpShip can help get you in shipshape. We offer:

  • Blind candidate search—to remove any unintentional bias from the process

  • Powerful, skill-based search—search for just the skills you want

  • Separate sourcing from hiring—make sourcing and hiring two separate processes

At JumpShip, blind searching is the default. We can help you build a more diverse team.

Search across 20+ core skills

Your company has specific needs, uses a specific stack, and will require specific skills of candidates.

Need someone with React and Rails experience? No problem. Looking for an accessibility expert who also knows WordPress? We got'em. How about Vue + Node/Express? They're here.

On the  Candidates table, you can search by 20+ specific skills:

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Redux
  • WordPress
  • Rails
  • Vue
  • Accessibility
  • Animations
  • Shopify
  • Node
  • React Native
  • Gatsby
  • NextJS
  • NuxtJS
  • Testing
  • Django
  • Design
  • Graphql
  • Web3

In addition to these criteria:

  • Location / Region
  • Years of experience
  • Seniority
  • Start date

We've got candidates to match any combination you can dream up.  Go have a look— no signup required to view candidates.

If we're missing criteria that's important to you, reach out and we can add it.

Ready to save a ton of time and money in your hiring process?

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