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A new kind of marketplace for  frontend developers

JumpShip is a new place for frontend developers to connect anonymously with companies.

Frontend Dave

I'm a frontend developer:

Create an anonymous profile at JumpShip and put yourself on the market. Let your next amazing opportunity come to you.

Why should I add my profile?

You are a company hiring frontend developers:

JumpShip can help you find more candidates in 5 minutes than a team of recruiters can find in a week.

Why should we join?

What is JumpShip?

JumpShip is whole new way to hire frontend developers.
It's not another job board. It's not LinkedIn.

No sales representatives, no artificial intelligence bullshit.
It's just developers and companies. That's it.


JumpShip is a tool for frontend developers and companies

Developers can:
Companies can:
  • Search across 20+ skills
  • Blindly search for candidates
  • Find developers on short notice
  • Why should we join?

How JumpShip works

Anonymous profiles

Developers create an anonymous profile and rate their skills using a rubric.


Connection requests

Companies can send developers a Connection Request

Along with a brief message and a link to a specific job ad.


Accepted connections

If the developer is interested, they can accept the Connection Request.

When they accept the request, their email address is sent to the requesting company.


After that, it's all up to you where you go next. Setup a technical assessment or an interview.

With any luck, you've both found a match made in heaven!

Connection accepted!

JumpShip is simply:


Casually looking for jobs


Actively looking for developers

What's wrong with frontend hiring today?

In short: it doesn't work well for anyone.

It doesn't work for developers:

Finding a new job is hard, draining, time-consuming work!

JumpShip offers a powerful new alternative:

  • Compare your skills and salary with others
  • Companies can come straight to you
  • Your profile is completely anonymous
  • Let jobs come to you, without lifting a finger

It doesn't work for companies:

Hiring is expensive and time-consuming, no matter how your company does it.

JumpShip will save you time and money:

  • We've got dozens of candidates, one click away.
  • Filter candidates by   20+  skills.
  • Filter by years of experience, seniority, country and region.
  • Need someone soon? We've got a filter for start date too.

What JumpShip can help with


  • Compare your salary with others
  • Passively explore opportunities
  • Have companies come to you
  • Compare your skills with others

Companies and Organizations:

  • Blind search to improve the diversity of your team
  • Quickly source candidates for roles
  • Search candidates across 20+ skills, countries, regions and start dates

What JumpShip isn't

We're not another job posting site. We're not LinkedIn. We're not a team of random recruiters spamming your email.

At JumpShip, your profile is anonymous until you make a connection with an actual company. No middlemen, no artificial intelligence, no silly quizzes. No gotchas, no surprises.

LinkedIn is like a needle in a haystack.
JumpShip is a stack of needles.