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Notice:6+ weeks
Experience:1-3 years
English:Great, first language

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Passionate in solving problems and enabling people to do their best work and live their best life using web development & technology. My best skill is finding out the fastest and efficient way to develop solutions for people’s needs using the tools in my toolkit like React for SPAs and NextJS…

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Here's the exact rubric candidates used to rate their skills.

Note: These are  ranges. A candidate might only meet most of the items in a particular level, but shouldn't be expected to hit every single criteria.

Example: A candidate might say — "I don't use Redux, but we use MobX and I'm near expert-level with that so I marked it a 5".


  • I'm expert-level with CSS.
  • I can manage the CSS structure and organization for large, complex projects with multiple team members.
  • I have very strong CSS fundamentals, and I'm able to do great UI work, no matter the technology, (PostCSS, Sass, Tailwind, CSS-in-JS).
  • I mostly use Grid, but know when Flexbox would be best.
  • I use Flexbox almost exclusively for layout, though I might also use sometimes use Grid.
  • I write CSS in a mobile-first manner and use a methodology like BEM or Atomic CSS.
  • I can do some animation work or at least work with transforms and transitions.
  • I know enough CSS to get the basics done. I'm not strictly a UI developer, but I can pull a layout together reasonably well.
  • I don't write the styles for the work we do, or I mostly use Bootstrap.
  • I'm don't currently write much CSS.